Turn off highway 17 E. onto highway 548 and follow the highway over the bridge onto St. Joseph Island.
Turn right at the first stop sign onto Hwy. 548.
Then make another right hand turn at the corner of Hwy. 548 and the 10th Side Road. This should take you into the village of Richards Landing.
Turn left at the town center sign and follow the highway out past the W.I. Park.
Keep going straight past BOTH! the B Line Road and then the A Line Road.
Turn right onto Sailors Encampment Drive (the St. Mary's River will come into view directly infront of you before you make the turn!)
Follow Sailors Encampment Drive along the river for approximately 1/2 mile.
Wilde Strawberries Studio will appear on the righthand side of the road immediately after a sharp bend to the left. Signs for the shop are visible at the end of the driveway. Take the fork to the right in the driveway through the gate into the garden and you will have arrived at Wilde Strawberries Studio!
Instructions for landmark and roadsign navigators!