Wilde Strawberries
1030 Sailors Encampment Drive
Richards Landing, Ontario
St. Joseph Island
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Kathleen Parr, of Wilde Strawberries, maintains a studio location just outside of Richards Landing, Ontario on St. Joseph Island. Come by chance or call ahead (705-246-2281) to make an appointment to visit her at Wilde Strawberries Studio,
1030 Sailors Encampment Drive, Richards Landing Ontario.
Meet Our Official Greeters
Wilde Strawberries is home to two official greeters! Two loveable labs named Mocha and Unko take their jobs to announce visitors very seriously! Both are friendly dogs who like to use their barks to announce the arrival of visitors as they enter the gate. Mocha is especially fond of children and Unko loves to meet new friends. However, there is no need to worry if you do not want to be greeted by the labs, as they spend their time inside for their own safety and only enter the studio at the request of customers.